Our Approach

Our Approach

“Since its establishment, our aim at Two Bays Farm has been to foster healthy, fertile soils using natural biological and organic inputs. We use compost and carbon-based materials that are nutrient rich and biologically active. The farm is creating balanced soils rich in diversity. We have seen a flow on from healthy soil to healthy plants and healthy horses, and there has been a marked improvement in the fertility and general health of the horses.”

Darren Morgan, Agronomist, Enviroturf Australia.

The Mornington Peninsula has some of Australia’s most fertile soil, a mild climate and reliable rainfall. Two Bays Farm is following biodynamic farming principles, building soil carbon and biology levels with no synthetic fertilizers being used. The farm is highly productive and its pastures are a key component of our horses’ nutrition and diet. We grow our foals out naturally, exercising them on the farm’s hills to foster tough and durable bones, tendons and muscles. Our horses receive individual attention from a dedicated team who have a thorough knowledge of every horse. This enables us to deliver the very best conditions and opportunities for each.

This approach, founded on our unique features and advantages, is designed to produce champions, naturally.

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